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To those against Jim Fleming

        I agree, if you can't stay on topic, go to a chat room!!!

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Subject: To those against Jim Fleming
Author:  Bob Van Cleef <vancleef at MICROUNITY.COM> at Internet-Gateway
Date:    2/24/97 4:54 PM

Just a note to those of you who keeping harping on Jim Fleming.  You 
are not hurting him one bit, but you're doing a real good job of 
destroying your credibility in my eyes.
If you cannot or will not address the contents of his posts, then you 
are better off saying nothing.  Attacking the person / personality of 
any one of the forum participants detracts from the forum.  The 
readiness of certain individuals, from certain organizations, to attack 
anyone who even responses to one of Jim's posts, does not look good 
from where I sit...
>It is only a matter of time before you will completely empathise with 
>Paul.  Fleming is not part of a wide audience, he's just far, far wide. 
>Given I use a mail filter, I am often blissfully unaware of Jim 
>Fleming's "posts" ("posts" is probably too dignified a word, 
>>I have read Mr. Fleming's comments about setting up a Registry in each 
>>state of the United States, 
>This was a mistake, as you'll likely find out. 
Really? Sounds like a bunch of children to me... 
does not -- does too -- does not...
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