NAIPR Message

The argument against multiple Registries


>I have read Mr. Fleming's comments about setting up a Registry in each
>state of the United States, 

This was a mistake, as you'll likely find out.  Now Fleming will
probably think you are his friend and you may have the joy of being
put onto his personal mailing list.  You see, Fleming thinks his ideas
are so important that not only does he spew to multiple mailing lists
(multiple times), he sends his spew via private email.  Really, the
best way of dealing with Fleming is to simply (and forcibly via a mail
filter) ignore him.

>So why do we need a large staff?  

As has been explained in the past, current allocation policies (as
documented in RFC 2050) require the registry staff to vette each
request.  While you might not agree such policies are appropriate,
they do exist and the registries are required to follow those
policies.  Such vetting takes significant technical knowledge and
time.  This is why registries have significant staff.