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Invisible Hands, was Re: Multihoming sites and ARIN

On Monday, February 24, 1997 12:58 AM, Stephen Satchell[SMTP:satchell at ACCUTEK.COM] wrote:
@ At 12:17 PM -0700 2/23/97, James Smallacombe wrote:
@ >Stephen:
@ >
@ >It is obvious that you have spent little or no time in inet-access or any
@ >of the other lists that Fleming completely disrupts with his insane "IPv8"
@ >and other drivel.  Personally, I can't understand why people still respond
@ >to anything he says.
@ >
@ >It is only a matter of time before you will completely empathise with
@ >Paul.  Fleming is not part of a wide audience, he's just far, far wide.
@ Frankly, I *already* empathize with Paul about Mr. Fleming's postings, but
@ I find that I can skim those messages *very* quickly, and the delete key is
@ only a pinky-stretch away.  Someday Mr. Fleming may surprise us.
@ My concern is that people who *need* to see all the input may be filtering
@ out messages using automation instead of the quick-scan technique.  What is
@ the purpose of a PUBLIC list if members of the public are screened out?
@ (No matter how justified the provocation.
@ Paul is of course free (as an individual) to do as he pleases.  He *could*
@ have done it quietly and never get a rise out of me.  :)  I just hope that
@ KIM and the proposed board of trustees don't follow his avowed example.

It is probably easier for Kim to just remove people from the list...
after all, the list is hosted by Network Solutions, Inc.


Subject: Re: How costs will trickle down (if ARIN goes through)
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And I suggest you take this off-line.  Again, this list is to
discuss ARIN - only.  If you continue to engage in off-topic
discussions, I will have no choice but to remove you from the list.

It is imperative that we receive community input on ARIN and I will
not risk the possibility that individuals with constructive comments
may unsubscribe because they do not have the time or patience to
wade through off-topic dialogue.

Kim Hubbard

> You are doing the same thing that you have done for
> the past year or more...I think people have heard this
> story before...
> I suggest that the press read the archives...of the
> newdom list(s), the inet-access lists, and the IAHC list...
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