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ARIN Fragments the InterNIC

On Saturday, February 22, 1997 7:49 PM, Jawaid Bazyar[SMTP:bazyar at HYPERMALL.COM] wrote:
@ >"no government money"...? is $1.4 million...
@ What's a piddly $1.4M research grant (the gov't gives these away all the
@ time, the fact that it's on routing technology is not special) compared to
@ the $300M that UUnet is spending to upgrade it's dialup pools and backbone?

Who was it that said..."a million here, a million there"...
pretty soon this adds up to real money...

By the originally claimed there was no government
funding. Have you looked into the funding the FNC provides
to the IANA...?

@ >I agree IP allocation needs to be done.
@ >
@ >I have suggested that ARIN take ONE /8 and go do that
@ >as a private company, enforced by the government, using
@ >your words.
@ >Why not have ARIN start small and prove the concept ?
@ >
@ >It is called the "slow start" program for regional registries...
@ And in the meantime what's done with the rest?  Someone ought to spend a
@ little money on an IP protocol with more than 4 bytes of address space.

IPv8 has 43 bit addresses

IPv6 has 128 bit addresses

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