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Canada NIC on the way...

Contrary to what some Canadians may say, it appears that
Canada is working on RE-establishing their InterNIC....

This is great news. This is the way to expand the Internet.
The right people doing the right thing....!!!



Subject:      Re: IP addresses are no longer free. You must pay a US company to get one.
From:         rob at (Rob Hall)
Date:         1997/02/06
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In article <32F7F5FC.7272 at>, michael at says...
>Richard Sexton wrote:
>> IP addresses in Canada used to be allocated out of the University of 
>And the guy who did it didn't even know what CIDR was...

Actually, Herb was VERY knowledgeable and capable.  Although overworked, he 
was very conscientious and cared about misuse etc.
>> About a year or so ago, this reverted to the InterNIC when U of T dropped
>> funding for this program.
>Not to mention people like me lobbying to have the InterNIC take over
>this job rather than have a secret society do it like CAIP had proposed.

actually, I don't remember you contacting either CAIP, or the InterNIC about 
your objections.

Currently CAIP has a committee tasked with bringing the IP registry back to 
within Canada.  Their report and recomendations should be available soon.  
Shortly after this, you can expect to see the IP registry for Canada back in 
Canadian hands.

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