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Invisible Hands, was Re: Multihoming sites and ARIN

On Sat, 22 Feb 1997, Jim Fleming wrote:

> @ You don't really want that Jim. Because if *I* go to *MY* elected
> @ officials then all of this stuff ends up on the table at GATT negotiations
> @ in Geneva. Believe me, neither you nor I want to see it end up like this.

> As you have pointed out, there is no Government organization
> in Canada. I believe you have reported several times that they
> are clueless.

I have never said anything of the sort.

> If that is the case, then it would take years for the above to occur.
> By that time the U.S. and any other participants will have moved
> forward.

Don't bet on it. If everyone on this list asked their government to
intervene then the possibility that Canada and Mexico and Holland and the
UK and Australia and Ghana and South Africa etc. would all drag their feet
is slim to none. 

> I find it interesting that you would issue cautions against the
> above after supporting the IAHC with such vigor.

The IAHC is a prime example of non-governmental industry self-regulation.
So is RIPE and APNIC and ARIN. This is the best way to do things and I
think you will discover that there is actually a lot of support for this
approach in most Western governments including that of the USA.

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