NAIPR Message

ARIN Fragments the InterNIC

>The current ARIN attempts to fragment the InterNIC are not in
>the best interest of the Internet. Instead, the InterNIC should
>be kept in tact and used as an educational model to help
>create additional "NICs" across the United States to spread
>the wealth and jobs around and to ensure better stability
>via distributed management.
>Folks, please face the facts. The U.S. Government controls
>the Internet.

This is utter rubbish!  The Internet is a collection of inter-operating
private computer networks. Period. The word "private" is very important
here, because as of several years ago no government money goes into funding
or controlling the private backbones. (Yes, the government maintains their
own networks, no surprise there).  Sprint owns their backbone, MCI owns
their backbone, UUnet etc etc and they all exchange traffic - that's the
"Inter" part of Internet.

>It has always been that way and it will likely always
>be that way. It is a resource that many people depend on and
>businesses are investing because of the stability, security, and
>opportunities that the U.S. Government provides.

It used to be a government project. It is a resource that many people are
investing in and coming to depend on.

The last thing that a government bureaucrat provides is stability and
security - what kind of security is the word of a bureaucrat? They're gone
in 2 or 4 years and the next batch of rascals is in office, bending your
life to his will in the name of "the people".  Contracts between
individuals or corporations (enforced by the government) however are the
most reliable, sturdy social entity in the US. It is exactly private
contracts of this kind that have taken the Internet from what it was in
1990, to the vastly larger and rapidly growing thing it is today.

In short, what controls the Internet are the companies and people that
built it and use it, and pay for it: primarily ISPs.

IP allocation is something that needs to be done, this activity needs to be
paid for, and the people that pay for it should be the people that use it:

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