NAIPR Message

Invisible Hands

Scott Huddle <huddle at MCI.NET> said:
> Clearly, a market based scheme insists on making things work (else why
> buy the slot or pay for the space) While good intentioned, it's not
> clear to me if procedural delegation can guarantee this and it fact it
> is more likely that procedural delegation would destroy the routing
> system than a market based scheme.

It seems to me that the address allocation is not quite the same thing as
routing.  I believe that a market based scheme for allocation of routing
table slots would be a good thing.  I am not so sure about a market based
scheme for allocation of IP addresses.  Shifting from what we have now to
a market based address allocation scheme would probably be an irreversible
operation, so it seems to me that it would be sensible to conduct an
(irreversible) experiment in the swamp before we take a big leap with the
entire address space. 

Followup to piara, not naipr, please.

--apb (Alan Barrett)