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Multihoming sites and ARIN

Huh? smaller players are always more nimble in open competitive 
markets than large players.  As is the subject of this thread
suggests, a market creates solutions (i.e. multihoming of small
sites) for problems created by policy based allocations.  

The arguments about "buying it all" are specious.


At 11:01 AM 2/21/97 PST, Randy Bush wrote:
>> The creation of markets for IP space and routing slots obviates the need
>> for ARIN as a policy body for allocation (i.e., the market does the
>> allocation)
>There are markets and there are markets.  Our culture saw enough radically
>unfair ones that it chose to make masses of regulation.  Not saying that is
>good or bad, just history.  And history is something we seem embarrassingly
>prone to repeat.
>I suspect that the smaller players might be wary of a completely 'free'
>market for address space or routing, as the larger players are the ones who
>can afford to buy it all.
>And the larger players might be wary of a purely 'democratic' policy body
>where the mass of small players would greatly outweigh them.
>Interesting times.