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ARIN: Questions & Comments

> Howdy,
>   I've been following the list for a couple weeks now, and I have a few
> questions and comments about the current ARIN proposal. Some of these may be
> FAQs I missed before joining the list... If so, then I missed it so please
> fill me in.
> The questions first:
>   I'm uncertain as to what the disposition of the address space currently
> registered with Network Solutions will be. Will they be moved under ARIN's
> dominion, and be subject to the $50/yr for each non-contiguous assignment,
> or will they remain under network solution's control? For example, we
> currently have How will the authority over that space
> change, and what fees will be assessed as a result over the next few years?
>   If understand the proposal correctly, then the former is true. This means
> that ARIN would have a complete lock on IP address allocation in the
> Americas (you either get your address space from ARIN or from someone who
> got it from ARIN). Additionally, you must pay for each allocation, and if
> you potentially want to have any say in how much you pay then you have to
> pay an additional $1000 for
> "membership." Fair or not, this sounds remarkably similar to monopoly
> price-fixing. Has anyone given any thought to how this will interact with
> the US Anti-trust laws?

They will be moved under ARIN's dominion.  However, the issue of charging
or not charging a maintenance fee for previously allocated space is
not raised in the ARIN proposal.