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Then what is the purpose of an open discuswsion listserv???

If we ignore what we consider Flames (which Dave's comments were not) and
only listen to what we choose to listen to then why in the world is a
'PUBLIC' Listserv opened???

Hmmm.....Maybe I will task my HillBilly/Uneducated mind to think on this
point while I consider what ARIN will do to the Small ISPs such as myself
and I attempt to figure how I will converse with these educated folks on an
even keel....

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with ++

- Steve -

> From: Randy Bush <randy at PSG.COM>
> To: Jeff Binkley <jeff.binkley at ASACOMP.COM>
> Cc: naipr at
> Subject: RE: TEST - IS THIS LIST S
> Date: Thursday, February 20, 1997 2:00 PM
> >> That was the sound of Dave McClure going into my kill filter file.
> > This seems to be the case for folks who disagree with you.
> No.  E.g. Paul Ieither of them) and I disagree on a number of things.
> But more and more of us do dump those who repeatedly flame with no intent
> improve their or anyone else's knowledge level.  When it becomes pretty
> clear that someone's only effect is to destroy, detract, and distract,
> of us who are old and tired .procmailrc them in the hope that this will
> us more time and bandwidth to deal with those who are constructive and/or
> willing to teach or learn.
> randy