NAIPR Message

Multihoming sites and ARIN


> >On Thu, 20 Feb 1997, Scott Huddle wrote:
> >> I bid $2500 for a /19 anywhere in The Swamp.  Those holding /24s
> >> are encouraged to find their neighbors and put together a
> >> contiguous block.  
> >
> >Heck, I'd bid $5000 for the same, and consider it a standing offer.
> Observation 1, if there were a market for address space, there is 
> money to pay for renumbering.  (i.e., I'll pay you $Y for your
> two discontiguous /18s and give you a /19 in new space.)
> Observation 2, the job of a registry in a market scheme becomes
> more one of recording "trusteeship" rather than setting policy 
> of distribution.  
> Observation 3, $5001. :) 

Somewhat controversial:

Observation 4: the decision on whether there should be a market
for address space should  be controlled *neither* by registries,
*nor* by various I* organizations (IETF, ISOC, IAB, IESG).