NAIPR Message

Bylaws for ARIN

> Scott Bradner may be affiliated with Harvard, but he does commercial
> consulting and technical writing as well.  Do we count him as .5
> University and .5 Commercial ?

I would say .8 and.8.  Have you tried to keep up with him?  We had to have
him pushed down the stairs and sent to hospital the other week, just so we
could catch up.

> I am not a lawyer but I have  been assured that ARIN has heavy duty legal
> advisors working on all the legal aspects.

I have really been impressed with both their quality and their integrity.

> Scott Bradner, John Curran and Randy Bush.

Raymundo Vega has also posted here.  The scremers probably missed it as he
is the subtle type.

But there are those who seem amazingly uninterested in listening and would
rather indulge in quite clueless accusations and wild conspiracy theories.
Ever stop to wonder what they think this behavior gains?