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naipr and South Africa

I'm not sure why South Africa has been lumped in to the same
administrative area as the USA (historical - but why explicitly
named?).  Anyway - we are in the process of sorting out our own local
NIC - hopefully with an influence that covers most of Africa.  The
costs that are mentioned are High - especially if paying for them in
South African Rands.  OK - so living in the USA is high - but why must
we pay (to us) four times more than folk in the USA!  The cost of
living in South Africa is much lower than in the USA (and the proposed
funds in the USA would cover the cost of "black helocopters", along
with the limo's, for all trustees!  :-)

At least the USA is kicking Africa into action..  what with this and
the IAHC.

Just another voice from the African continent - along with Alan

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