NAIPR Message

Bylaws for ARIN


Several people have argued that since no one involved with ARIN is a full-time person, and presumably does not have the time to draft real bylaws and an appropriate mission statement for ARIN (even though there are very good models available from APNIC and RIPE).

I would therefore offer the service of AOP, its legal and tax experts, and our staff in this endeavor.

We do not look for any compensation for this effort, we do not ask to be on the ARIN Board or Advisory Council, and we have no particular ax to grind beyond the fact that ARIN be a true non-profit, duly constituted, with appropriate checks and balances built in.

Would ARIN accept our assistance?  We would be more than willing to run them by the ARIN Board of Trustees and post them for public comment.

What do you say?

Dave McClure