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Funding - what about the second year?

At 9:00 AM -0800 2/18/97, John LeRoy Crain wrote:
>What use is a three year budget if you change it every month/ or every
>three months?

The purpose for using a long planning horizon is to see problems before
they become problems, and adjust to them.  Going month-by-month is a trick
which Scott Adams has exposed in his _Dilbert_ series.  The main benefit to
the "customers" is that you can make smaller adjustments earlier and hurt
them less -- and *they* can do longer-range planning, too.

>You had $2400 to spare but not $1000, this is a body that is entrusted
>with the stewardship of an important resource, if people don't value
>it high enough to pay $1000 then, IMHO, they don't need to be a

I didn't have $2400/year to spare.  TIA was kind enough to "comp" me
because of my contributions to the standards efforts as an individual who
wasn't raking in the cash from my efforts.  Now that I'm working for a
company already a member of TIA, I don't have to worry.

>The end users of IP won't normally use ARIN directly. They should go
>to their upsteam provider for addresse and these will probably be ARIN
>members. Large companies who have /19's etc. may well use ARIN directly,
>these people could normally afford $1000 if they chose to be members.

Then I would argue that the membership for customers be built into their
registry rates, not a separately billed item.  It *is* in the interest of
the customer to have a say in the matter.

>If you are a user of ARINs services then I can see a need to have a say
>in how it works, if you're john doe from the street with a couple of IP
>addresses you shouldn't need to be involved in ARIN. If you wish to be
>then there's a price to pay.

In the case of the United States, the fact that ARIN will be a
not-for-profit means that the taxpayers of this country will be subsidizing
the efforts of ARIN.  This is true for all not-for-profits.  This means
that I, as a taxpayer, may want to have more say in the organization than
if it were a true for-profit enterprise.

The proposed price is too high, in my opinion.

>John Crain
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>you want some, get your own.

As you can see, I have plenty already.  :)

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