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Funding - what about the second year?

At 8:53 PM -0800 2/17/97, David R. Conrad wrote:
>>I just can't see it [lower fees] really happening.
>As several have pointed out, it has already happened in the European
>registry's case.
>>Usually, expenses grow to meet the available budget.
>In APNIC and RIPE's case, when you are responsible to a group of
>individuals who are (to put it mildly) not particularly interested in
>paying for more than they need, and the activities of the registry are
>made public knowledge along with the budgets, it becomes somewhat of a
>"challenge" to cause expenses to grow without approval.

The reason to lower fees later is because your budget model was wrong and
you charged too much in the beginning.   I know I'm beginning to sound like
a broken record, but we NEED the proposed budget NOW so that we can see
where the money is coming from (revenue projections) and where the money is
going (expenses).

As for paying $1000 to participate in ARIN, don't count on me.  I don't
have that kind of money to throw around.  If on the off chance you want me
to continue to provide input to the process you will have to find a way to
do it without bankrupting me.  And don't expect my company, Motorola, to be
willing to fork over that kind of money for me to participate in ARIN.
Won't happen.

Stephen Satchell, {Motorola ISG, Satchell Evaluations}
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