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Funding - what about the second year?

On Mon, 17 Feb 1997, Kim Hubbard wrote:

> >
> Are you suggesting that the rates never be lowered?  I would guess
> that considering the ISPs will be paying an annual fee that lowering
> them at any time would be welcomed.

It surely would be welcomed by most, though the first organizations to
have paid the original fees might be bitter when their younger competitors
pay a fraction of what they just paid for the same "service".  I just
can't see it [lower fees] really happening.  Usually, expenses grow to
meet the available budget.  If there's extra cash, what's to stop the BOT
from blowing it on more T1's, upgrades to fractional T3's, bigger staff,

Has anything been said about salaries for the president and other
operational staff other than the BOT will decide them?  Perhaps after the
first year, when rather than break even, there is a revenue surplus,
everyone will get big raises??

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