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test - is this list still alive?

On Mon, 17 Feb 1997, Larry Honig wrote:

> Sorry, I know this is not ontopic, but I have heard *nothing* from this
> list in 3 days (before that there were 50 msg/day). Is it over?

The BoT people had a meeting a couple of weeks ago and made some changes
to the proposal which they presented at the NANOG meeting in San Francisco
last week. In fact, I met three of the BoT people at NANOG so that kept
them busy for a few days. No doubt they had to dig out from a pile of
email after returning to work, I know I certainly did. Then this weekend
is a holiday in the USA so it's not surprising that there isn't much
email. The web site did get updated last week so you might want to check
it out again if you haven't done so recently.

At the NANOG meeting there were a few people who hadn't really heard about
ARIN and we urged them to read through the website and the list archives
and then join the list if they still had concerns. I would expect we will
be hearing from some of those folks this week if they still have

But my own personal gut-feel on the ARIN situation is that it's ready to
go if we can just nail down the stuff in the proposal that is still
written in conditional language.

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