NAIPR Message


Karl Auerbach,

>Many people on this list do not realize that there are two "Karl"s.  

Perhaps, but including Karl Denninger's note in full would hopefully
lead most people to believe I was responding to his note, not to any
comment you might have made.

>As a
>consequence many people may take your comments below as deriding me and my
>ability in one of my professions.  I don't like that.

I, in no way, would deride either you, your ability or one of your
professions as I have some idea of your contributions to the field and
am aware of your legal training.  While I might think you have a
tendency to engage in scaremongering, I do respect your opinions and
if you were to claim Alan's statements were textbook anti-trust, I
would take your statement at face value and adjust my position

However, the "other Karl" (Karl Denninger) is, as I'm sure your aware,
quite infamous for threatening "actions", going to the DA, the DOJ,
Janet Reno, etc. at the drop of anyone's hat.  My comment was a result
of the exasperation I felt at his constant blustering and what I felt
to be a complete misrepresenttation of what I understand to be the
reality of anti-trust violations in the context of ARIN.

>Please be careful to launch barbs at the right target.

Please be careful not to jump into the path of incoming barbs in no
way intended for you.

In any event, as this is unrelated to ARIN, you can have the last
word -- I'll not respond further to this thread.