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MCI position on Class C...

Again the information "the Innkeeper" is providing is old information.
Real Old. The correct address is and we are currently
processing orders for the 5th fo February as posted. Thanks.

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On Thu, 6 Feb 1997, Charles T. Smith, Jr. wrote:

> >I thought I would send this response to the list since we received a
> >position from an MCI person...I thought you folks might be interested....
> >
> >>Steve,
> >>You must get the addresses from the internic now.  We do not provide class
> >c's
> >>anymore.  This info and much more is listed on the MCI web page
> >>
> >
> >This came direct from MCI folks....
> Hmmmm..... it's even worse than that;  my browser doesn't find anything at
>;  however, the page at www.infopage.mci.NET has the
> IP address space application;  a statement that MCI is processing applications
> from Jan 31st, etc.