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Competition for address allocation

Why not introduce this same sort of competition to address 
allocation services?  I can forsee that you have the sort
of problem of "Mom said no, so ask Dad", but this exists
for gTLDs as well.  Registries would compete on service
and price but would have to be "blessed" or "licensed"
to be in the business.  This would also eliminate the
concerns over pricing as well, the market would set the
price rather than beaurocrats. 


At 03:19 PM 2/5/97 -0800, Paul A Vixie wrote on NANOG
>>   If you need to know that there will be a registry 
>>   for each new gTLD, then I'm willing to run any of
>>   them that cannot otherwise find a home. 
>The new gTLD's are all ultimately going to be shared.  There's going to be
>a crossbar effect where registries and gTLDs are not mapped one to one; any
>registry will be able, if willing, to register names in any of the new gTLDs.