NAIPR Message


 jeff.binkley at ASACOMP.COM (Jeff Binkley) writes:
 * HC>Then my question to you:  who pays?  I don't really care who pays as
 * HC>long as the function is funded, and I believe that costs will
 * HC>eventually be reflected in pricing no matter who is charged.  I also
 * HC>believe that the costs will be relatively small in relation to the
 * HC>profits to be made and the benefits perceived by customers.
 * I won't disagree that the address space needs to be managed.  I believe 
 * this is first an engineering question and not an organizational/economic 
 * one.  I think once the engineering pieces are figured out then we can 
 * move onto the organizational and economic pieces.  

And in the meantime who does the registration? 

You can't just wait until all of the engineering problems are solved
before establishing a new registry system. When the funding stops it stops.
If you can find someonbe willing to fund all the registration needs until
the engineering problems are solved I'm sure everybody will be happy.

John Crain