NAIPR Message


I'm not quite sure you understand *what( I was talking about, since
you keep attributing these silly remarks to me. I never said such a
thing at all, or perhaps you just transmogrified something else I
did happen to say.

Of course registered addresses are necessary, unless you are not
connecting to the global Internet. If not, the RFC1918 address
space is sufficient.

In the future, I'll speak for myself, thank you.

- paul

At 03:55 PM 2/4/97 -0500, Jeff Binkley wrote:

>I don't disagree that globalbly registering address space is good thing.  
>Paul is the one who said there would be little benefit, I was only 
>confirming what he said.  As for subsidizing the service, I would tend 
>to agree a usage "tax" is the way to go but we must remember there are a 
>lot of "non-profit" organizations who make up this list of users and 
>skew the payign user base vs. the using user base.  It would be like 
>making the truckers pay for all of the road taxes but everyone else gets 
>to drive for free.