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Comments on ARIN

On Mon, 3 Feb 1997, Jon Lewis wrote:

> different sizes.  i.e. for a small ISP with a /19, monthly payments on the
> $5k ARIN fee might be >10% of their gross montly income...while for an ISP
> 4x that size in a /16, it might only be ~2% of their gross monthly income. 

Ack!...make me wear the silly hat for the night.  I just noticed I
dropped a decimal point.  Those %'s should be more like 1.5% vs 0.3%.
Much smaller percentages...but still, an extra $5k/year expense will hurt
a small ISP in a /19 a lot more than a large ISP or small NSP in a /16.

I can see us at the end of the year trying to decide if we should cut the
check to ARIN or buy 16 more modems, or upgrade the news server disks, or
spend it on some other equally important upgrade.  Whereas the larger ISP
in a /16 is trying to decide whether to buy another 4700M or upgrade to
the 7k class router.  $5k isn't pocket change to least not yet. 

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