NAIPR Message

Anti-trust concerns vs. reliable address space concerns

> Also, for my edification, are there any DOCUMENTED CASES of unroutable
> addresses being issued? Or addresses being unintentionally replicated?
> How does the newly assigned address block get validated as kosher right
> now other than in the "dreaded real world test"?

	My case predates NSI and NAIPR handleing of address space.
	I had received approx. 60 /24 delegations (I'll check the
	files fr the actual numbers if you -really- need to know)
	which were also delegated to other sites.  I ended up renumbering
	those 60+ sites into other number space to avoid injecting

	As you can tell, this predates CIDR and RFC 1597 work by a 
	number of years.