NAIPR Message

US CODE: Title 15, Chapter 1, Section 2.

> >There could have been others, but they have all agreed among
> >themselves to carve the world up into exclusive zones in which each
> >will have the sole and exclusive right to allocate address blocks.
> "Agreed among themselves"?  Please see RFC 1466 and who its authors are.

I assume you mean 2050 which supersedes 1466:

Network Working Group                                      K. Hubbard
Request for Comments: 2050                                 M. Kosters
Obsoletes: 1466                                              InterNIC
BCP: 12                                                     D. Conrad
Category: Best Current Practice                                 APNIC
                                                        D. Karrenberg
                                                            J. Postel

The authors certainly do represent those amongst whom one would expect
an agreement to be made.  The authorship tends to represent those who
allocate space rather than those who consume it.