NAIPR Message

US CODE: Title 15, Chapter 1, Section 2.

> And assume further that the grantee discovers that because of some ISP's
> policy that the grantee can't make use of the block in the way intend.
> Is ARIN willing to take back the block and refund the fee paid?

Can "The way inten[ded]" be clearly understood and defined?  Before the
granting of the allocation?  And, if so, was the alocatee warned that the
block may not be usable in that way?

The reason I follow this trail is because that is the circumstance today.
You will be told by the InterNIC that the /20 which you are insisting they
allocate will not necessarily be universally usable.  If you insist that
they give it to you anyway, the public loses, because that is wasted space.

Seems to me the most prudent approach would be to follow the practice in the
rest of the world and not allocate a prefix longer than say a /19, period.
If you can't qualify for a /19, then get space from your provider.

And as neither ARIN nor that provider can guaranty that the space will be
universally routable, we have completed the circle.

Please show me the way out.