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US CODE: Title 15, Chapter 1, Section 2.

At 03:06 PM 2/2/97 -0800, Karl Auerbach wrote:

>I know that this is a very deep swamp with lots of hungry crocodiles.  If
>Ford, for example, were to obtain an ARIN block, I wouldn't expect it to
>willingly provide transit to General Motors (again assuming that it gets
>an ARIN block.)  This gets heavily into the dark forest of policy routing.

No, this gets into basic economics and has little to do with ARIN.
If (your example) GM gets has direct connectivity to Ford, and pays
Ford to provide transit, then this is a private contractual issue.
It does not rely on whether GM has been allocated their address space
from ARIN or from Ford or anyone else for that matter.

>This is a big issue, and ARIN may not be the right place.  But ARIN is in
>a position to say "if we grant you this block, you are subject to some
>reciprocial obligations...".

ARIN, as well as the other registries, already caveat allocations by
stating that they may not be routable in the global Internet. What's
the issue here?

- paul