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Karl, the integrity and service of the proposed BoT members is not the issue, in my mind.  The issue isn't even who chose them and why.

The issue is that they have been proposed without input from the people within the Internet community they would seek to serve, and without building support from within that community.

It's a chicken-and-egg problem.  We must have an initial BoT to get ARIN organized, but we also need to allow the Internet community to have a voice in their selection.

Solution:  Have the initial BoT serve for only one year to get the organization up and running, and then resign.  This initial BoT would not be "grandfathered", but would have the right to run for BoT positions (with the advantage that they will have proven their abilities as trustees).  This simple change could eliminate the entire "who are these people and who picked them" discussion.

Dave McClure

From: 	Karl Auerbach[SMTP:karl at CAVEBEAR.COM]
Sent: 	Saturday, February 01, 1997 4:34 PM
Cc: 	Dave McClure; 'The Innkeeper'
Subject: 	Re: AOP Notification

> Also, your assertion that while the members of the initial
> Board of Trustees do not directly represent the ISP community,
> I would assert that they are wholly competent & knowledgeable
> to represent the interests of the Internet community at-large.

I personally know two of the proposed BoT members.

It is my opinion that they are honest, capable, and competent. I would
trust their judgement.

(As an aside, I am somewhat concerned that two of the proposed BoT members
are employees of NSI -- this has nothing to do with them personally --
rather, one might infer that this is more than a random coincidence and
become concerned about what other non-random coincidences that this might