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Randy, I would also ask some clarification of your remarks.

Do I understand that the CEO of NSI is planning to resign that position to become the chief executive of ARIN? 

The initial funding for ARIN -- is this coming from Network Solutions, Inc. (and if so, how is it impacted by NSI's recent discussion of their financial situation?  If the money is instead to be drawn from the contractual amount that NSI was required to set aside for use to benefit the Internet (and ARIN would be an excellent use for such funds, IMHO), then it is not NSI's money.

Dave McClure

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> As an aside, I am somewhat concerned that two of the proposed BoT members
> are employees of NSI

I do not understand your concern.  Maybe this is another misunderstanding.

An NSI management person is on the board because NSI is putting a lot of
money in.  My experience has been that, while a startup is using someone's
cash, that entity usually has a seat on the board.

I would wager that anyone else offering to replace NSI's O(2^6) bucks might
get a board seat while their bucks are being burned.  NSI stands to gain
nothing from this other than community thanks for generosity (and instead
reaps hate mail, threats, ...).  ARIN should not be unduely prejudiced to
take the startup funding from NSI.  If you know of a different entity
willing to make a large tax dedcutable gift without a BofT seat, drop a
note to Kim.

The other person of whom you seem to speak will not be an NSI employee, but
rather the chief executive of ARIN.  Is it not your experience that it is
common to have the chief executive on the board?  And certainly you don't
think it unwise of ARIN to steal from NSI the person who probably knows
more about allocating IP space than anyone else on the planet.

So I am confused by your expression of concern.  Please deconfuse me (no
sarcastic remarks:-).