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> But an even more important conflict, IMHO, exists with Donald Telage's
> position on the BoT. Since one of the reasons for creating ARIN is to
> separate the two NIC functions of domain name registration and IP address
> allocation, I feel that it is not wise to appoint the CEO of the world's
> largest commercial domain name registry to the BoT of ARIN. Since the
> cooperative agreement between the NSF and Network Solutions Inc. runs for
> another year after the proposed creation date for ARIN, there is clearly a
> conflict here. 

Michael - could you please explain this conflict?  NSI will be financing
ARIN until it is capable of fully funding itself.  It is certainly
understandable that they would want a seat on the BoT until they
are no longer financially involved.  

Again, I don't understand why you feel the fact that NSI is a
domain registry would cause a conflict.