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US CODE: Title 15, Chapter 1, Section 2.

> > Me too. And I'm keeping the DoJ audience in mind as I write my replies
> > because they can't be expected to be familiar with the background of
> > whole issue. Quite frankly, if the AOP hadn't flown off the handle and
> > started issuing misleading press releases and press interviews, this
> > thing would not be an issue. It was the AOP that got everyone believing
> > that there was to be some sort of new outrageously high fee for all IP
> > addresses when this is simply not true at all. And even the proposals
> > the ARIN website are only proposals. They could be changed beyond
> > recognition by the time that the prospective members of ARIN actually
> > start signing up.
> No doubt that there has been a lot of hyperbole.  I'm in agreement
> with you that ARIN will almost certainly be a valuable, well run,
> organization that serves us all.  Some of the original concerns about
> costs were probably caused by unfortunate and inadvertant failure to
> put into the initial drafts a few words that would have allayed the
> fears of those who have seen NSI in action in the domain name area.
> One of the most compelling of the demonstrations about fee projections
> was when someone posted an analysis saying "had we been charging,
> here's what the revenue would have been last year".  It was a very
> reasonable amount and it certainly put my fears to rest.
> (By-the-way, there were serious questions that arose well before AOP
> started its efforts.)

TKS for pointing out that there were concerns before AOP started its
efforts.  What AOP did was read the initial proposal which was available
and state its opinions to our membership.  We also stated recommended
actions as per what was read.  I will not apologize if that made a few
folks irritated...But I will state that it is a good thing that some of
these questions were raised karl....

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