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US CODE: Title 15, Chapter 1, Section 2.

Jawaid --

You said:

>"the majority" is now a justification for any evil act. I don't buy it, and
>neither should you. And this has nothing to do with Rush Limbaugh.


>if a person decides that a product is no longer of enough
>value to justify the amount of money asked for that product, they take
>their money elsewhere.

>You violate anti-trust if
>you charge too little, you violate it if you charge the same as everyone
>else, and you violate it if you charge far more than everyone else. You're
>held as a criminal if you do so good a job that nobody wants to buy from
>anyone else, being the best is held as a great evil.


>Protected - for what purpose? From whom? For whose use? Against whose
>rights? 1/3 of Colorado is "national forest" (so-called "national
>resource"). Instead of being used to make people's lives better, there it
>sits, as a monument to the election campaign of some politician.
>I don't want the Internet to become a political tool for some grubby
>bureaucrat. But running to the government crying "anti-trust, anti-trust!"
>will do just that.

>I don't believe in "opinions". You either state what you know to be right,
>or don't say anything if you don't know. "Opinion" used to mean "this is
>what I know is true"; now it's used to mean "The following words have no
>meaning, please don't hold me to it, it's only an opinion".

>Do what needs to be done - and if it conflicts with the closed fantasy
>world that bureaucrats have constructed for themselves - be happy to tear
>down their shabby little walls for them.
>Going to them and asking their "permission" only legitimizes them. Should a
>slave ask his master's permission before trying to escape? That says "You
>have a right to be doing what you're doing."

And I was actually caught up in a long carefully thought-out reply when it
dawned on me...why? You apparently believe everything you believe is true so
there is no point in arguing any point, and this is no longer germain to the
purpose of this list. After reading your reply, I am extremely pleased to
agree to disagree with you and move on.

--- ALAN
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