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Request for CLEW Input

In one of my presentations to NANOG last week, the vast majority of 
questions related to obtaining and justifying address space. In 
particular, North American ISPs complained about how their requests 
for their customers to justify assignments and usage were resented, 
and how competitors' sales people often used that as a wedge "we'll 
give you a /24, or whatever, if you change your service to us.  We 
won't hassle you with all the paperwork the incumbent is demanding."

This seems to be far less of a problem in Europe, and I'm beginning 
to think the RIPE NCC model of LIR's (as distinct from generic 
members) is part of the solution.  A LIR can present itself as a 
steward of address space, much as a CPA or physician is expected to 
exercise independent professional integrity.

Frankly, I'm becoming less and less clear why someone becomes an ARIN 
member other than generically supporting part of the Internet 
structure. There's much more justification to become a RIPE LIR.

>  > Member Services is discussing what kind of increased benefits ARIN can
>>  offer its Members. One consideration is the reinstatement of a
>>  Members-only website for providing news, training and other items of
>>  interest to the Members.
>>  What content would you like to see on this site?  Be specific please.  Are
>>  there items you would take off the public site and make available for use
>>  only by Members? A dynamic website could be useful not only to current
>>  Members, but also for bringing new entities into ARIN's membership.
>>  Please consider this matter and send suggestions to the CLEW list in
>>  preparation for the upcoming Members Meeting.
>Barry Skeenes
>Technical Writer
>bskeenes at