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Request for CLEW Input

I'd be interested in a list of aggregatable announcements, a la the
Tony Bates CIDR Report, the Weekly Routing Table Report from 
pfs at, or James Aldridge's
page.  Simply linking to those pages would be better than nothing, but
I'd really like to see what could be done by someone who gets paid for

I assume ARIN receives a full routing table from several providers,
from which to glean this kind of information.  An essay on what to do
with this information might also helpful.

I would also expect that ARIN has people monitoring many public 
mailing lists, for which maybe a digest would be useful.  In particular,
a "Threadspotting" sort of pointer to threads specifically about ARIN
or to which someone at ARIN responded.  Naturally, this would include
the various ARIN lists.  

Lists of conferences and events at which ARIN will be represented might
be handy.

Another thing I've been thinking about but haven't suggested (not sure
whether it belongs on CLEW or PPL) is a discussion of IP reclamation.
I'm probably not in favor of forcible reclamation, but it would be
interesting to see what the community thinks about the issues involved
in reclaining unused (or poorly used) IPv4 space.  This could be useful
on CLEW or the member site as a monograph describing why it's a good
idea to return unused space, and maybe an implementation plan on how
to renumber large networks.

I'm not speaking in an official capacity for UUNET, A WorldCom Company.


On Mon, 26 Feb 2001, Barry Skeenes wrote:

> Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 15:18:37 -0500
> From: Barry Skeenes <bskeenes at>
> To: clew at
> Subject: Request for CLEW Input
> > Member Services is discussing what kind of increased benefits ARIN can
> > offer its Members. One consideration is the reinstatement of a
> > Members-only website for providing news, training and other items of
> > interest to the Members.
> > 
> > What content would you like to see on this site?  Be specific please.  Are
> > there items you would take off the public site and make available for use
> > only by Members? A dynamic website could be useful not only to current
> > Members, but also for bringing new entities into ARIN's membership. 
> > 
> > Please consider this matter and send suggestions to the CLEW list in
> > preparation for the upcoming Members Meeting.
> > 
> Regards,
> Barry Skeenes
> Technical Writer
> bskeenes at
> 703-227-9854