[arin-ppml] Final draft of 2010-13 for Atlanta (Rev 1.55)

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> Subject: [arin-ppml] Final draft of 2010-13 for Atlanta (Rev 1.55)

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I have no idea how this policy got to 55 revisions (I missed some
of the middle discussion), that's not a good sign.

I read it, twice, top to bottom, and stopped to think about it for
a few minutes.  I have no specific feedback because I honestly have
no way to evaluate the policy.  It is extremely difficult to wrap
your head around in total, and largely affects events in the future
that are quite uncertain at this point.

I think a large part of the ARIN community wants to have all the
details of an IPv4->IPv6 transition figured out before IPv4 runs
out.  A noble goal, and to the extent that is possible it should
be done.  It is important to realize though, it is not possible.
How folks react during this time period, which transition technologies
get used, how much space they need to make them go and a lot of
other details will be shaped by events yet to come, and that may
be strongly influenced by outside forces.  For instance 6to4 has
more momentum from CPE vendors placing it in boxes than from any
operator wanting to run it as a transition mechanism, and CPE vendors
aren't generally looking to ARIN for guidance.

I think the community would be much better served by waiting.
Unfortunately much like a kid in a candy shop this is a very hard
thing to do, and takes a huge amount of will power.  Basically
nothing should be given out under 4.10 until it's clear what the
right thing to do is, in simple language.  If that means we need 6
months where there is no more IPv4 and nothing given out under 4.10
so the world feels enough pain to come to a common consensus, so
be it.  It's far more important to make the last /10 the most
effective /10 ever allocated, rather than trying to be sure that
we have the "solution" ready to go on day 1.

I don't support the policy.

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