[arin-ppml] 6rd Policies 2010-9 and 2010-12 (was: Opposed to...)

 On 10/14/10 2:56 PM, michael.dillon at wrote:
>> When gave a presentation on their 6rd deployment at a RIPE
>> meeting last year, they received not one but two standing ovations for
>> providing a production-quality, supported, IPv6 service option to all
>> of
>> their subscribers.
>> This contrast is nothing short of remarkable to me.
> Possibly this is because is the CREATOR of 6RD, and not just
> a deployer.
Oui, les deux.
> In any case, I think the violent Americans who want to wield baseball
> bats are misdirecting their venom. They have forgotten that a large part
> of the problem lies with the vendors of DSL equipment and the DSL Forum
> which took so long to get IPv6 into their official spec.
s/took/are taking - it's still not finished for the predominant non-PPP
DSL (and FTTH) model.

- Mark

>  Many network
> operators had no choice but to delay IPv6 testing because there was not
> enough stuff to test.
> Of course the cleverest network operators found a way around these vendor
> problems but these workarounds could not provide general IPv6 broadband
> services to large numbers of customers
> --Michael Dillon
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