[arin-ppml] Opposed to 2010-9 and 2010-12

Owen DeLong wrote:
> Probably a /24. That allows a /56 for end-sites which is suboptimal
> (end sites should be at least a /48), but, hopefully doesn't consume
> too vast a swath of IPv6 in the process (roughly a  /8).
Does it provide enough space only for whom a /32 for native was enough 
or for all?

Would ARIN need to get another /12 to be able to address this from a 
distinct prefix? Would we expect all the other RiR's to do the same, and 
could IANA be kind enough to do it on a /8?

Could we expect all and sundry to deploy 6rd under these guidelines and 
how many bits would that actually consume?

And all even before any real use by real people.