[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 122: Reserved Pool for Future Policy Development

On 11/19/10 6:09 PM, "William Herrin" <bill at> wrote:

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> On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 7:36 PM, Hannigan, Martin <marty at> wrote:
>> I set an expiration on the proposal of 20 OCT 2011.
> You missed a stitch here. Leave enough time following the October 2011
> meeting for the proposal to go through last call and board adoption.
> Maybe something like 1/1/2012 as the expiration date.

Hi Bill,

I made it 20 OCT since the ARIN Philly meeting is 12-14 October 2011. My
intention is to make sure that the pressure is on the AC and the BoT to make
this happen. Soon, we lose control of the proposal and have little sway over
what happens to it. I don't see another way to make sure that we get
something done. 

I'm open to modifications.

Best Regards,