[arin-ppml] Abandonment of 103/104

In a message written on Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 01:08:38PM -0500, William Herrin wrote:
> You've couched it better than Owen but you've basically said the same
> thing: the community won't want this, so why bother bringing it to the
> point where you ask them? The problem with that theory is two-fold:

You are putting words into my mouth.  The community may well want
this in the future, I have no reason to believe they will or they

> In the end you could be right. It could well go down in flames during
> the consensus call at the meeting. But even that serves a valuable
> purpose.

There is still time for it to be on the agenda at the next meeting.
Work the idea in the mailing list.  Refine it.  Resubmit.  The AC
saying "not ready yet" doesn't remotely imply the AC saying "never".
If we ever have to say never I bet we will do that quite clearly.

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