[arin-ppml] Abandonment of 103/104

>>>>> "Leo" == Leo Bicknell <bicknell at> writes:
    Leo> The mailing list has also made something clear to me recently.  The
    Leo> community does not know what it wants to do with IPv6.  There are
    Leo> several competing factions, all basing their positions off of, well,
    Leo> wild assumptions.  As an AC member, this makes me sour on all IPv6
    Leo> policies.  We need to form some cohesion around basic principals
    Leo> before we go crafting policy details.

  You are right --- the IPv6 community is very young.
  One of the reasons IPv4 took in the late-1980s, early 1990s is that we
did not have to have these long discussions before someone had the
(addressing) resources to they needed to innovate.

  The community won't know what policies it needs until after there have
been some mistakes made! 

  In the IPv6 space, perhaps the best thing ARIN could do would be to do
is to have no policy for awhile, but to agree on what the "awhile" is,
and make all assignments there expire then.

  We did that in some sense with 3ffe:: already, but that was awhile
ago, and IPv6 did not take off the way people hoped, so maybe it's time
to repeat that kind of thing.

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