[arin-ppml] Did 2008-6 provide what Board needed?

On 14 Apr 2009 John Schnizlein wrote:

> Should the start be calculated from exhaustion of IANA's free pool?   
> Recall that IANA's exhaustion will happen sooner than otherwise by the  
> policy to disperse the last five /8s among the RIRs as soon as the  
> normal allocations reach the last 5.  Actual exhaustion of free IPv4  
> addresses happens when the RIR exhausts its pool.  Various proposals  
> focussed on fairness toward the end might slow consumption of the  
> RIR's pool still more.

Actually further done in my email I think I deal with that, at 
least for my safety trigger and the automatic extension.  I 
reference NRPM and which is where the /8s 
for the RIR are reserved and handed out.   However, I didn't 
correct for that when basing the projected run on from mid-
2011, on picking the specfic dates.  


Does projection on, account for the new global 
policy: "End Policy for IANA IPv4 allocations to RIRs" and the 
last /8 that it reserves for each RIR?

Could you add that?  Or is the a different projection that 
accounts for that you can point me to?

> Your goal of providing less uncertainty is a good one.  Let's not  
> arrange a transfer policy experiment to expire just after the lack of  
> free addresses makes it more important.
> John

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