[ppml] [sig-policy] Policy Proposal: IPv4 Transfer Policy Proposal


My point is that we first need a global strategy and later probably 
global and/or coordinated policies for implementing that strategy.
And of course, I agree with you regarding commitments, and rest that you said.


At 09:45 a.m. 12/02/2008, Ray Plzak wrote:
>Merely pointing out that there are implications to the use of the 
>term globally coordinated policy, a term that has been used many 
>times over the past several months, perhaps a little to glibly.
>Even a global and coordinated strategy will require commitments, 
>once made, must not be subject to disassembly by the subsequent 
>actions of a single RIR. Once that happens the global and 
>coordinated strategy is neither global or coordinated. Think locally 
>while acting globally is more than just a catchy phrase.
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> > > I am not necessarily claiming for a global or a coordinated policy
> > > (maybe yes), but for a global "and" coordinated strategy for dealing
> > > with a global problem.
> >
> > too radical.  it is our right to think locally while acting globally.
> > that's why there are five rirs, right?
> >
> > randy
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