[ppml] Policy Proposal 2006-2: Micro-allocations for Internal Infrastructure

On 2/18/06, Scott Leibrand <sleibrand at> wrote:
> Re-statement for the record (nothing new here):
> This seems like a reasonable IPv6 MicroAllocation policy.  If we're going
> to replace the "/24 using IPv4 or a /48 using IPv6" language of section
> 6.10 with the text below, IMO we should also modify section 4.4 to remove
> the "/48 using IPv6" language and instead refer users to 6.10 for the IPv6
> MicroAllocation policy.
> Aside from that quibble, I currently support the policy proposal as
> written.

I am not certain on the process... but Heather was going to update
with the better wording, since it doesn't change the spirit of the
content :) Uhm... so, does one just re-submit the proposal prior to
the meeting or re-post to PPML? or the AC or ???