[ppml] ARIN requiring corporate paperwork for an orgid?

I live in a part of the world where you have to put a P. O. box because
there is no local postal mail delivery.  So if I put my company's street
address all USPS mail sent to the street address will get returned to
sender.  Well sometimes boxes get through but it takes weeks and it's a
pain.   If a street address is required that's fine but there should be a
street address and a mailing address.  They are not always the same out here
in the boonies.


On 8/14/06, Kevin Loch <kloch at> wrote:
> Howard, W. Lee wrote:
> >
> > What is the purpose of Whois?
> >
> I have used it to contact other networks.   A PO box should not
> compromise that functionality in any way.  Is there another
> purpose where it does?
> For comparison, the FCC allows PO boxes to be used for part 97
> license addresses.  They do require that they are able to contact
> you via mail in a timely manner and that you keep the address
> up to date.
> - Kevin
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