[ppml] Collapsing Residential and Business Privacy (ease of use) Was: Re: Privacy of Non-Residential Reassignments in Public Whois

At 05:08 PM 4/19/2006, Divins, David wrote:
>Do irresponsible ISPs SWIP correctly to begin with?  It seems to me that
>any policy movement here is to help responsible parties comply.  The
>irresponsible ones don't care, they do what they want and that's that.
>The reality is a customer that I am concerned about using SWIP for will
>never be seen un-obfuscated in whois--period, under any policy


I'm not a lawyer.

Any person/entity handling a lawful order for surveillance, (CALEA,
Title III, State regulation, FISA, PATRIOT II, etc.) is responsible to
keep that order confidential and secure. If the target of the order became
aware of the order via whois (for our purpose) lookups that pointed to
"National Security Agency", the provider or other entity would not be
able to blame it on ARIN regardless of ARIN policy. It doesn't work
that way.

What I think you are describing is a clash of policy, operational
procedure, and the law. That's why I characterized it as administrative
and am proposing a concept similiar to confidential/undercover license
plate. The process already exists outside of ARIN for reference. We
can continue status quo, or adjust to reality. If we want to.

[ Not to be confused with zip, or /29 policy parts, this one is
   all inclusive ]


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