[ppml] Policy Proposal 2005-8: Proposal to amend ARIN IPv6 assignment and utilisation requirement - Last Call

> Jordi wrote:
> but the meaning/context used by Lea is still the same: Subnetting
> a /64 in local area networks is contraindicated and is against
> RFC4291 and must not be used as a way to extend the addressing
> space instead of allocating a bigger address block.

Indeed. Besides, it's dangerous and futile. Dangerous, because if
someday someone invents an authentication mechanism with crypto embedded
in the MAC address, it won't work. Something like VRPP that requires one
or more phantom addresses would not work. Futile, because with all the
billions of homes (1) using a /64 for 2 or 3 PCs, saving a few crumbs
out of PTP links does not make much of a difference.

I will point out that there is going to be enough of a schism between
ARIN and the IETF over 2005-8 and 2005-1 already; just because a few
disgruntled people did not have their way in the IETF means that ARIN
can go over everything they have done.


(1) In the future, of course.