[ppml] Matching NRPM sections to policies

What (if anything) became of this suggestion?

I haven't noticed any changes in the NRPM or policy archive -- is 
any work happening behind the scenes?

-- Sam

On Fri, 28 Oct 2005, Ray Plzak wrote:

> We will look at doing this.  I don't know what the level of effort is to do
> this.  That and of course other tasks will dictate if and when we can get
> this done.
> Ray
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>> Subject: [ppml] Matching NRPM sections to policies
>> I'd like to see ARIN go through the (wonderful) NRPM and 1) add more
>> cross-references to the policies as adopted, much as a code of
>> regulations may refer back to the enacting legislation and 2) add
>> complete forward citations from the policy archive into the NRPM.
>> Will the staff do that?
>> For example:
>> Section cites the Residential Customer Privacy by number
>> (2003-3), but the corresponding section about v4,, doesn't
>> mention the policy number.  Similarly, section 3.2 makes reference to
>> this policy without citing it by number and perhaps making some errors
>> in transcription (per the other thread).
>> In the policy archive, 2003-3 mentions as the section where
>> the adopted policy was recorded, but does not mention the other two
>> sections.
>> -- Sam