[ppml] Privacy of Reassignment Information

On 4/7/06, Divins, David <dsd at> wrote:
> All,
> Provided an ISP, or other direct assignment recipient, supplies valid
> and responsive (24x7) Abuse, NOC, and other pertinent contact
> information, a reassignment should be allowed to remain private.
> This has been discussed before and abandoned
> (  However, I feel
> this issue needs to be raised again as it is more important than ever.
> There are ample valid reasons for a reassignment to remain private.
> ISP's may not want their customers to be mined via a public service.
> Many companies only use their assignment for private business exchanges
> and do not want a public vector into their block.  HIPAA clearing
> facilities, banking exchanges, procurement systems are all example of
> viable private reassignments.

I might have missed something in the policy and this note... but,
doesn't the ability to use rwhois and limit access to 'arin' solve
this privacy issue as well? With this capability perhaps the need to
construct policy around privacy of information isn't necessary?